Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And to Continue....

I'm skipping Christmas at the moment because there is so much to do for that blog and moving right on to today. I took the boys to get their teeth cleaned. It was the first time for Kaden and Brady hadn't been in a year or so. I know I'm a bad parent...don't judge! JK. Anyway, Kaden was siked...Brady was....well nervous. Kaden hopped up in the chair and was ready to go!

We had talked about it the night before and I told them they were just going to brush his teeth and make them really shiny. He did great! He got x-rays and everything. He let the lady clean them right up and was so excited to be a "big boy."

He even showed off his pearly whites for my many pictures. I was so proud of him. He sat in my lap while Brady waited to get started.
"My need water," he said making a face. I explained he couldn't drink anything until the dentist took a look. The next thing I know....he's throwing up all over both of us. Apparently, he didn't agree with the floride and it made him sick. After I finished catching it in my hand (gross I know!) The hygentist handed us a trash can. So, off we went to the bathroom to clean up. He was just fine after that. It was weird.

Because I was in the bathroom with Kaden, I missed all the photo ops with Brady. He had already told me "No flash photography, please." Like some kind of Diva he is sometimes.
Both boys checked out just fine with "A pluses for everyone," said Dr. Darby. I informed him that we were over acheivers at the Pillstrom household. He agreed!