Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Angels Are Singing!

Oh...he may look excited about cupcakes. He may even look excited that it's 2010. But what he is REALLY excited about these days has brought more joy to my heart than anything ever before. On Monday, January 4, 2010 at 9:45pm....Brady Pooh Bear...became a follower of Jesus Christ!

I have been praying for this moment since I became pregnant with him. About a year ago, He really started asking me questions. I know he was hearing the truth in church and I didn't want to push him into thinking he believed when he really didn't.

When my friend died last week, I got the opportunity to share with him that both myself and Tony were saved. I let him know that he could rest asured that if one of us were to died we WOULD go to Heaven. And then this past Sunday, Brady got in the car after church and started sharing with me what he learned. Then he asked the most wonderful question. "Mommy, how do you become a Christian?" I flipped open my bible to the page where I have all the Salvation scriptures written down and had him start to read them out loud to me. He read about three and I asked him to tell me what they ment. Then it was time for lunch and he lost interest.

That night, he asked if he could pray for our friend Brenna and he also told Jesus that he reallly wanted him to live in his heart. After he prayed, I told him that we would continue our conversation the next day and I would help him understand why and how to ask.

So, Monday night, I got out my bible and we sprawled out across his bed and we started reading and talking. After I explained that when we are without God, we are like a dry erase board with all of our sins written all over it. And when we confess with our mouth and believe in our heart, God gets out a big eraser and wipes the board clean. We talked about how Jesus was beaten and had to carry a big wooden cross across town while people made fun of him and yelled at him. And we talked about how those same people nailed him to the cross. And most importantly, how even though he died, he rose on the third day. Brady was boo-hooing! I asked him why and he said "I don't know...I just love God so much." At that point, Tony had joined us and he lead Brady in prayer accepting Chirst. It was the most precious moment I've ever witnessed.

Last night, he talked with our neighbor who is also one of our pastors. They talked about baptisim and that he and Brady should meet a few more times to talk before we schedule it. And now...The Angels Are Singing!


HeathahLee said...

I am tearing up as I'm reading this, Tobie! How precious! I'm so happy for him! And you! One down, one to go! : )