Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My New Toof!

So, during Christmas break, I decided the family needed to visit the dentist. If you will remember, Kaden threw up all over me!This is where you can read that super fun experience! Well, when it was my turn, the dentist (who by the way looks like he's fresh out of dental school...I learned today he's 5 years younger than I am!) informed me that I would need a crown! "At least it's not a root canal!" he said with a big smile! Oh...yeah...we're so BFF's now! Anyway, I made the appt and decided to just get it over with.
I hop in the chair and think to myself, "I'm pretty sure I'm going to pull a Kaden before this is all over!" (I didn't BTW!!) The assistant asked if I wanted the "gas"! "Sure, why not!" So off to lala land I go! When the dentist comes in he says, "How are you today?" Me, "Oh, I'm here! Still not happy!" Dentist, "I hope it's not me you hate!" Me, "I know it's not personal it's business and you're just the messenger!" Dentist, "Whew! I'm glad you don't hate me!" Me (in my head) "We'll see about that!"
So...blah blah blah, I'm all hopped up on gas, they numb me with something that taste like banana, and shoot me up with something that is now wearing off! I have a temp crown for now and will go back after my 35th birthday! Blah!

Oh, I forgot to add, when i asked him if this "crown" would look like my other teeth he said with a huge smile, "Well, we can make it gold or silver if you want!" My only response to that was, "No, I'm holding out for one of those on the front toof!"