Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow pics? No, Ice Pics!!!!!

Ice pics, that made me laugh! Sorry, focus! Ok, since we didn't get the big "winter snow storm" as predicted, I didn't get any snow pictures. I know I blogged about that last night...I'm not bitter I promise!
I decided it time to bundle up and get some fresh air! So, I decided that the boys could do me a favor and....

Take some pictures to document this winter (wonder?) land. Don't worry, this isn't a blog of their pictures...though I know you'd enjoy things like the driveway closeup and one of my shoes (Kaden thinks he's a photographer. I don't know where he would get such a crazy idea!) Oh, I forgot the one he took once we got back in or his belly with no shirt! Yes friends, I will spare you that torture...or at least save it for later! This...

is what we found outside today!

No snow...just ice. As sad as we may be that we didn't get to play in the foot of snow they got just north of here, I can say that I'm enthralled by the beauty of the ice!

It blows my mind that something so beautiful can be so dangerous! I mean, a couple of cubes of it in your sweet tea...mmmmmmmm. But on the roads or tree branches, not so good! I'm very grateful that we didn't lose power this year. For some reason, we tend to be on the loss of power side of the world when these things happen.

So, today, we bundled up and played outside for all of 20 minutes! We're from Mississippi...we don't do cold!

Brady, being the "almost teenager" he thinks he is, opted to just wear long johns, cargos and a hoodie! Needless to say, he was the first ready to come in.

Kaden, or shall I say "Ralphie's little brother Randy, isn't going anywhere without being bundled to the point of no movement! He was decked with long johns, sweats, ski bib, and his new camo coat. You know I'm not going to let him run around like a crazy person (ie. Brady) and get sick. He catches everything!

And as our 20 minute nature hike (through the yard) came to a close, I was able to get them together for one last smile before heading back into the house where they have fought for the past two days!