Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today was the last home soccer game for the school where I teach. On Thursday, my principal gave each of the varsity players (soccer and basketball) a pompom and told them to find their favorite teacher and ask him or her to come to the game. I got one! It was from a student to whom I've never taught. However, this year, I have gotten a change to know him!

As you know, I teach in an area that doesn't value education. Unfortunatly, this leaks into the students attitudes. Many of my students would rather be anywhere but in my the building for that matter! So, when I met this student, he came and spoke to my kids about how he made a lot of bad choices as a lower classman and ended up failing his senior year. He turned himself around and came back to finish high school and plans to go to college. He has since made some great friendships with my students and continues to stop by my class to check on them.

Anyway, he chose me to ask to the game! So, Kaden and I packed up and headed to the field!

I had a great time taking pics for the next edition of the school paper.

And then, I had to get some shots of the kids enjoying themselves at the game.
This is one of my fellow English teacher's little girl! She's adorable!

This one belongs to an English teacher as well! I asked him to hold the sign I made. I loved that he totally smiled like I would have had I been sporting the sign!

And then.....there's this guy! He yelled for the team. He chased a friend's dog. He ran up and down the hill. He played in the dirt (mud). He climbed on the bleachers!

And she's going to kill me for this one...but I couldn't resist getting a friend while she was chasing her dog who had gotten away from the kids and was cracking everyone in the crowd up!

Despite the chilly wind, it was a great afternoon! We didn't win but the guys played great!