Thursday, March 08, 2007


"That's very instresting mommy!" This is the kind of converstaions that my 4 year old has with me on a daily basis. He's beginning to talk like a grown up more and more these days. Well, he's always talked like that but I guess it's just really cute because he tried to use big words in a conversation. Isn't that the coolest thing about when your babies grow up!
On the other hand, Kaden, I would rather him not grow up at all. Next Tuesday he will be 11 months old. Here he is with his best friend Hayden. They are 6 days apart and complete opposits when it comes to personalities. Kaden is so laid back while Hayden is very outgoing. The night we took this picture...Hayden kept trying to play with Kaden's hair and Kaden was just crying the whole time and giving him dirty looks. I promise every picture we have of them Hayden is smiling and Kaden looks mad! It's so funny to watch them! I can't believe my boys are growing up so fast.
Tomorrow, I'm taking them to the zoo. We have a pass and it's awesome becuase we can go for just a few hours and still get out money's worth! So, we're going. This will be Kaden's 4th time to the zoon since he was born and hopefully he will enjoy it a little more this time. Of course last year he was way too young to like it! I'm taking the double stroller so I won't have to listen to how tired everyone is. I'll post some pictures. I'll try to get some really cool ones if I can! It's not like all of my scrapbooks don't have a million zoo pics so I'll have to be creative!
I'm so excited because I'm taking the day off to go to the zoo. It's nice to have a day where I have no big plans and I'm not in a hurry! I always feel like I'm in a hurry!'s night night time if I'm going to make it tomorrow!


April S. said...

Your kids are just beautiful. I love these pictures that shows their personalitites! Brady P. is getting so big! Keeps the pictures coming!