Sunday, March 25, 2007


"The Lord is my Shepard." Psalm 23:1
That is the scripture that Brady wrote on the foundation of the new building at church. I know we all say our kids are genusis...but hello! He's 4! Look at this awesome handwriting!
Our church is building an addition to help the overflow of youth we have at our church. Right now the Junior High and High school kids meet off campus every Wednesday. This time next year we will all meet on the same campus.

Today we were asked to write scripture on the foundation of the new building. Of course we couldn't miss this opportunity. While I was writing my scripture Brady asked if he could write one too. This is one of the scripture's he's learned in Cubbies. He says it all the time.

His friends Mackenzie and Graycen watched as he showed them how to write! It was so amazing watching how much of a grown up he tries to be! He couldn't spell all the words but with a little help he did a great job.

As for the rest of the weekend...let's see. A Super Hero birthday party on Saturday and then a play date with a friend from school. Sunday lunch and working in the yard. Then tonight we had small group and off to bed. That pretty much sums it up. We have about 3 more busy weekends ahead. Baby brother is is turning 1 as you know. I've been posting old I won't keep you from seeing more tonight. We have Kaden at 1 month old. Kaden and Brady. Kaden at Sea World and Kaden at the beach in Texas. Man was he little!