Saturday, March 24, 2007


It's less than one week and our little man turns 1! I'm looking back and I still can't believe how fast a year goes by! Here we see a sweet baby boy after eating. I remember the day he was born he had a little bit of trouble that first time I tried to nurse him. I was so disappointed that he didn't just latch on like Brady did. I was scared that I would have to bottle feed him and I wouldn't get to give him the same advantage that Brady had. I know now that you don't have to breast feed a baby and they turn out ok. But of course with everything else that was going on...I was stressed.

The weekend Kaden was born was Easter weekend. We came home from the hospital on Saturday. Of course I didn't want to miss the Easter Bunny visiting our house. So we came home on Saturday. On Sunday, Tony and Brady went to church and Mom and I stayed home with the baby. After church we went to see Aunt Judi. Here kaden is with his Gamma. He loves her so much!

I was so excited to have another boy because I knew I could reuse Brady's clothes. Here Kaden is wearing one of the Gap outfits that Brady wore. I love this picture because I have the exact picture of Brady like this. They look identical. Well, Brady's hair was a lot darker and he had more. And Brady didn't have a cleft lip. But they look just a like!


April S. said...

I just love seeing all of these early pictures of Kaden! He has changed so much and I know you love the age he is now, but I bet you also miss your little baby Kaden too. Keep these pictures coming throughout the week because I love seeing them!