Sunday, March 11, 2007


Wow! What a weekend! We started it off by spending the day at the Zoo on Friday! I took a much needed vacation day and decided to spend the day with the boys. As you can see Brady got a new pair of sunglasses. Kaden has a matching pair but he doesn't care too much for them! So back to our day. We packed a picnic lunch and picked Brady up from school. Then we headed to the zoo for a picnic and some fun! Brady played on the playground while we ate. Kaden had his first sandwich. It was cheese and bread. He actually loved it! He also loved that there was an endless supply of goldfish packed for his enjoyment. We're working on learning to drink from a cup so here he is trying to enjoy some

water. Kaden loved the fact that he got to ride in the stroller all day. He just talked and talked to all of the animals. We saw the new baby giraffe, the polar bears and the pandas. We bought a membership last year and it's awesome! A family of four can go twice and it pays for itself. So needless to say, we take trips to the zoo when ever possible. I love it because we don't have to feel like we need to get it all in at once. So we can take our time and if we don't see it all...guess what? We can see it next time! I want to include a couple of cute pics of the boys before I finish the weekend.

Brady poses with the new baby giraffe. He's trying to look like he's petting its head! Look how proud he is!

Kaden on his way to see the polar bear. We acutally got to see her during feeding time! It was really cool to watch her jump in the water after the fish. Kaden just wanted to walk around the big room. He wasn't really concerned about the bear eating lunch!

The boys love to see the pandas! I think it's because they can get so close without getting hurt! Of course Brady had to point out that the panda had poop in the middle of his food! Don't you just love boys!

So our weekend just kept getting better! We had dinner with Tony Friday night and boy were we hungry and tired! I was happy to realize that I didn't eat more points then I'm allowed in Weight Watchers. Oh yeah...I lost a pound and a half last week!
On Saturday, we just hung out at home and cleaned out closets! The the boys and I had another picnic. This time in the tree house and Kaden didn't care so much for the cheese sandwich this time. We played and played and then went to a going away party for a friend who is moving to Brussels. It was awesome! Then today, church...two hour nap!!!! And a bike ride!!!!! I took the boys out tonight and boy am I tired! We have a little trailer that hooks onto the back of our bike and together they are about 50 lbs. I was pretty beat by the time we got home! I guess I'll have to keep it up to get into shape! I'm going to try again tomorrow night!
I guess that's all for the weekend. I'm about to go to bed! I'll post more pics in a few days I'm sure!