Tuesday, March 27, 2007


As my baby gets older...one of my friends is getting ready to welcome her new baby into the world. Tomorrow morning Joshua Clark Taylor will be on his way! Please Keep the Taylor family in your prayers! I'll keep you posted.

Now to the photoblog!!!
There's just something about babies that makes my heart melt! Just this weekend we had these two little boys together to play and it seems like just yesterday that they were this small! Kaden and his buddy Hayden. Well...I say buddy but they don't really care about each other yet! They like to hit each other and that's about it!

Though you're not supposed to feed babies until around 4-6 months...Kaden seemed to always be hungry and nursed all the time. So I decided to try feeding him ceral. He hated it! This was the one and only time I tried to get him to eat food before the surgery! And looking at him now...who would have thought that Kaden the human garbage disposal didn't want food! Tonight he actually devoured chicken nuggets and corn. He's so cute!


Amanda said...

Tobie, thanks for your comment. Your boys are precious! Aren't they just so much fun? I had orginally hoped for a baby girl, but I am so in love with my little man.