Friday, March 16, 2007


I so have to tell you about the strangest day ever! So, I get up this morning with a little bit of a cold. Probably my fault because we've been sleeping with the windows open the past week. So I get ready and get out the door. I make a quick stop at Weight Watchers like every Friday! I've lost another pound and a half!!! Wahoo! That's a total of 11!!!!!!
Next I go to an appointment and then I stop to get gas. I'm heading to the office after the pit stop and all of a sudden....Major Pain! Not the movie...but in my abdomen! I finally make it home...(Thanks Sharon for the prayer on the phone!) and lay down! After about 30 minutes my friend April shows up to take me to the ER! You know it's bad if I'm planning to spend $75 on a trip to the ER! To make a long story short....4 hours later I'm told I have a ruptured cist on my right overy. Ouch! That really hurts. So here I am on a Friday night laying on the couch on bed rest!
So the best part of the story is that I have the most awesome friends! Everyone was praying for me and calling to see if they could do something for us! I love those people and you know who you are! Please pray that I will feel better this weekend. Tony has to work tomorrow night and I'll be home alone with the boys!


April S. said...

Hey Tobie, I got SO WORRIED about you when you amd I were talking on the phone today and you were driving home. I must admit I almost headed to your house, but then I realized I don't even know where your house is. THEN I called you later today to make sure you were feeling better and the little operator came on and said that you were not taking calls. I must admit that I felt a little helpless since I don't have Tony's number. Thank goodness that you called me later and told me that you were going to be fine. God answered all of our prayers by watching over you and taking care of you. If you need company or help tomorrow night, PLEASE call me and I will come down to watch the boys while you rest. Enjoy the bedrest ordered by the doctor and take care of yourself!

Kimberly said...

bless your heart girl-that sounds major! I hope you are doing better! Will be pray'n for ya!