Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's finally happened! My first snow day as a teacher! Can I just say that I was totally looking forward to this? It's always such a tease in this part of the world! They will say it may snow but we never see it! Well, the boys were glad to wake up at 8 and realize that we were staying home today!
So, we got dressed and went outside before the snow melted all the way. I mean seriously, there's not enough to really play. However, they made the most of it!

Brady wanted to have a snowball fight. Kaden just wanted to run around and throw snow everywhere! It was just too cute watching them have a great time! So, our plans today consist of the gym, lunch, nap, nothing! I don't even have a book to read! Maybe I'll clean something, but then again it's a snow day! Aren't we supposed to wrap up in a blanket and just watch movies all day?
I will say, I had already gotten up and gotten ready for the day when we found out. So, I went back to bed. It was nice to wake up clean with my face and hair fixed! Wouldn't it be nice to wake up that way every day?
I hope you enjoy the snow day!


HeathahLee said...

My Principal said we could take the day off, too! Woo hoo! I had told Kiddo that homeschoolers don't get snow days, but I guess Sound Man felt sorry for us. : )

tpillstrom said...

That's funny! I wondered how the homeschool world responded to snow days!