Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have to brag on my child...Brady is awesome! I know that all mothers say this about their child...but wait until I tell you what he said today! Ok...let me back up a little bit. After the election Brady was pretty upset that the guy he picked didn't win. He actually cried. He was upset because someone at school told him our new President didn't believe in God. Well, of course I had to say the mom thing and tell him that we don't know for sure if he believes and that it's our job to pray for him. Also, that no matter who won, he will be our leader and that God wants us to support him. Also that it's unpatriotic to talk bad about our president.

So, today, I brought home the newspaper with Obama's picture on the front page. I told Brady I had a surprise for him. When he saw it he got all excited talking about our new president and he was excited to have this paper. I asked him why he was so excited about his new president since it wasn't the guy he wanted. He said..."Mommy, you said we support our president no matter who he is." Oh, I am so proud. That was one of those moments when my heart just smiled. I can't believe he is so grown up. He's my baby...well not anymore but still!


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