Saturday, January 03, 2009


It is so incredibly weird typing '09! This past year went by so fast. I will spare the recap and just talk about what's been goin on in the world of the Pillstrom Family these days. Let's see...Christmas was awesome. The boys got more than enough. I've already posted that. I've fallen in love again. What you ask?

Edward and Bella! That's right...I gave into the teenaged man and read the most popluar young adult book this week. Well, not really actually took me less than a day. Yes, I sat down and read a whole book in less than 24 hours. I know I'm crazy. And the worst part, I'm addicted! I have been dying (no pun intended) all weekend to get the second book. I will be borrowing it from a friend tomorrow when I go to see the movie! I can't wait! I will totally recommend this one! I loved it!
We had some friends over for New Year's Eve.

These pics don't do the night justice! Amber was a hoot on the drums! Poor Kaden just wanted to have a turn! The kids actually stayed up until about 1:30am. I was shocked! They slept in until 9 the next morning. It was awesome!
Then last night......craziness!

A couple of games of Pit and then some Spoons. It was a party for the She ministry. That's where my heart seems to be these days! I love these ladies and I just love serving in this ministry!
Now...I'm just a day away from school starting back. I can't believe how fast the holiday went by! I'm glad to be getting back into a routine!
I got a new camera so stay tuned and I will try and update a lot more this year!


HeathahLee said...

Hey Tobie! I haven't even downloaded my pictures yet. I'm such a procrastinator. Of course, it helps that I have a sinus infection. Do you feel sorry for me yet? :) I'm about to put you in my followed blogs so I can keep up with you!