Monday, March 13, 2006


1 MONTH!!!!!!!! One month from today and we will have a new baby! Can you believe it's almost here? I think 10 people told me today that I won't make it that long. I promise everyday I wake up and I'm 10 times bigger! We had an awesome weekend. My friend Ami came over and helped paint Brady's room. Rachel helped clean out his old room and we moved him into his new "big brother room". My goal with this extreme bedroom makeover is to get Brady to sleep in his own bed! Guess what!!!!! Last night he did. Saturday night he ended up in my room at about 1:45 but last night he went to sleep in his new bed and didn't wake up until 8am! Can you believe it? What an answered prayer! Last night was the first time Tony and I slept in the same room in about 6 months! I'm going to have to get used to having him there instead of the little one! Baby brother's room is next. Ami is coming back over tomorrow night and we're going to paint the nursery! It's all cleaned out and almost ready to go!
After tomorrow night we can have a kid. I don't want to have him until the room is ready. Plus I want to get a few more things really cleaned out before he comes. I'm so ready for baby day to be here! I can't wait. God is blessing us more then you could ever imagine! Work is coming together...taxes are done...and I actually have energy! I go to the doctor this week and hopefully she will have an exact date for me! I'll keep you posted.