Friday, March 17, 2006


27 days and counting!!!! The ladies I work with held a shower for me today! It was so much fun and the cake was awesome! Is this becoming a pattern? I know...I love cake! They were so sweet to get me gifts. There were some ladies in the plant who got things for the baby too. That was so nice. Anyway, Kaden got lots of clothes and bibs among other things. Tonight Rachel and I rearraigned the baby's room to make it a little more friendly. She's working on a Curious George painting for the room. I also have two posters headed my way for the room. I think it's going to be so cute! Now all we need is a baby!!!! Tonight Brady is celebrating 5 straight nights sleeping in his new bunk bed!!! He friend Kierra is spending the night! Yes...a girl. He's 3...she's 5. They will be fine! They are in the back right now eating popcorn and watching a movie. Tomorrow we will be heading to the zoo for a birthday party! Yeah...more cake! I'm in the process of washing some of Brady's baby clothes for Kaden. I think I'm good on little baby stuff. Now I need to start collecting for winter! Show me where the sales are!!!