Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm so excited!!! I have two loyal readers! Today I saw a friend in Walmart and she said she checks my site every couple of days! That's two!!!! Baby Brother and I had a check up today. His heart beat is 135-140. She said that was great. He wasn't too keen on the interuption of privacy...he kicked her when she put the dopplar on my belly. Since then he hasn't been to bothered with the world. I haven't heard much from the little guy today. However Big brother just woke up and apparently it was on the wrong side of the bed! He's playing with the russian nesting dolls that granny ann got us. He's trying to be like Miki! Tonight Tony and I will be going to see Third Day at the Fed Ex Forum. I can't wait!


isbellfamily said...

Love the site!!! I will try to use it!

isbellfamily said...

Okay I got our set up. I will have to play with it later. Check it out. isbellfamily

Lori said...

You have 3 fans...I read this every couple of days also.

Can't wait to meet "peanut"