Thursday, March 09, 2006


Today was one of the best days ever! Well, for this pregnancy. I woke up today feeling great. Lots of energy today. Then I went to my leads lunch and they had a baby shower for me! They had the best cake ever! I ate two peices. And believe it or not it's raining and I'm still having a great day! It's a cool storm today. The rain was actually hitting my car sideways! Now Brady and I are about to take a nap and sleep during rain will be awesome! I'm so excited...tomorrow night a friend is coming over to help me finish cleaning out the spare room and we're going to start painting it. On Saturday we'll be getting Brady's new bunkbeds. He's so excited. I hope this will mean he will finally sleep in his own bed! Tony will sleep in the room with him for a few nghts to get him used to it! I think he will really like having a new bed. And I will like not having him stuck to me all night! I end up scooting him over a million times during the night! I'll post a pic of the bed rooms when we get them finished!