Wednesday, November 25, 2009

School's out....

for now! We're on Thanksgiving break and so I thought it would be fun to take the boys out for a photo shoot. Mom was in town last weekend because my grandmother was in the hospital. I talked her into leaving her good camera with me so I could get some good shots of the kids.
There's a church in town that had some beautiful yellow leaves on the ground. Then we went to this cute little bridge just up the road where we've taken pics before. The boys had a blast climbing trees, throwing leaves, and just goofing around.

Some of the pics are edited, some are not. I love the one of Kaden's shoes. Mom spent a fortune on a pair of Spongebob Sketchers and he refuses to wear them! Instead, he loves these $15 Walmart shoes.

Now, I'm pretty biased but you have to admit...this is one beautiful child!

And this one is georgous! I'm so happy that my kids inherited mine and Tony's photogenticness. Is that even a word?

I love this last pic of Kaden! He could totally be a supermodel! This would make a great album cover for the new release he's working on! Just kidding. Though he would make records if he could! Maybe I should put him up on YouTube so he can be "discovered"!!!!!!
These two fellows are what I am thankful for this year! Well, and Tony, and Jesus, and my job, and my family...well....I guess there's a lot more but I'll stop before I bore you!


Jamie Ainsworth said...

Both boys could model! They're beautiful! I tell Hayden he's beautiful all the time. Great pictures. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the break as much I am!