Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Things They Say!

I was just reading through some of my favorite blogs and it gave me the idea that I should really blog about some of the conversations that happen here at the Pillstrom House!

Brady- Did you know that Polar Bears live at the North Pole and Penguins live at the South Pole? Me- No, I always thought they were friends! Brady- Nope! They've never even met!

Kaden- Hey! It's Dirty Hoes! Me- You mean dirty CLOTHES? Kaden- Yeah!

Brady- What's the difference in a hippie and a homo? Me(shocked)- Well, a hippie is someone who hates war and wants peace. A homo is like when a boy wants to marry a boy. Brady to me (I was dressed as a hippie for decade day at school) - did a great really look like a HOMO Today!

Hours later.......
Me- Brady, where did you hear about homos? Brady- iCarly. Me-Oh...did you mean hoBO not hoMO? Brady- That's what I said..hoBO. So if a hobo is guy who wants to marry a guy...what's a Homo? Me- see, I thought you said homo so I told you what that was...a hoBo is a homeless person. Brady- Yeah, I was thinking you told me a weird defination!

Kaden- I want to doe to mal-mart. Me- Why? Kaden- To buy baby Tine-ta. (translation: baby China).

Brady- Everytime I buy something, it says it's made in China! Me- Maybe we should tattoo that on our baby China! Brady- That would be awesome! Can we really? Me- NO!

As we're walking on the square in Hernando....Kaden- Hey Yook! It's a big dick! Me- um...I think that's a big ST-ick! Can you say sssssss-tick? Kaden- mo! (no)

Brady- That sounded like a lie! Me- No, it's hyperbole. Do you know what that is? Brady- No! Me- It's when you exaggerate. Like when you say you caught a really big fish...but you really caught a little fish. That's hyperbole. Brady- Can you just stop talking? I need to poop! ...walks off...

I'm sure I could spend the next week writing the things they say...And I will continue as they say them. But for now...enjoy! And feel free to post the funny things your kids have said!