Saturday, November 03, 2007


The Halloween post has finally arrived! Halloween lasted almost a week here at the Pillstrom house. Saturday, after attending 2 birthday parties...see April's blog for info on one of them...we went to a Halloween party with the college kids. Brady wanted to wear his costume so it was a trial run on the mummy. Ok...needless to say...I had a lot of work ahead of me. So, Sunday we went to a party with our small group! The kids looked great. Kaden was a clown and Brady wore the mummy again. Ok...try two was a bust. But he had fun.

This costume that Kaden's wearing is one that I made for Brady when he was one. I love it and Kaden looked so cute! He was so proud of himself!
This was the first pic of Brady in the mummy. He looked a lot better by the time we made it to Halloween night!

Look at my sweet baby boy! He loves suckers and of course he is super excited about all the candy he got Halloween. this is Halloween day. The boys wore their shirts that Gamma had bought them. Brady got to wear his pirate wig because it was pirate day at school. It matched his shirt really well!At school on Wednesday, the preschool kids came trick or treating to the class rooms. I totally had to post a pic of this little girl! She is Dora the Explorer and I thought she was too cute!Halloween night we went to Whit Bright's house. There were several of our friends there. Teresa and Sean brought a trailer with hay bails. We had the best time.
Kaden loved trick or treating. He was so cute sticking out his bucket to get candy! He racked up and had a blast.Brady cracked us up all night. He was the first kid off the trailer and the first to the door each time. Here's a cute pic of all the kids that went trick or treating with us. I have to say this was probably the most fun we've ever had on Halloween. Thanks to Whit for having us over that night!


April S. said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Halloween week! What were you for Halloween? I love all of the pictures and the boys look so cute in their costumes!