Monday, October 15, 2007


Fall Break!!!!!!!!!

The perks of being a teacher are great! Today, I'm sitting here with my children on Fall Break and I couldn't ask for a better day! Mom was in town this weekend and we had lots to do! I've got tons of pics to post I hope that you will enjoy them!

First things first....Flat Stanley. Last week, I read the Flat Stanley book to my 9th graders. We're doing a project where we mail him to someone and they take pictures and send them back. So, of course Brady has to do one too! He sent his to Kierra in Brazil. Here are some pics of the big event of putting him in the mailbox.

Ok, so that was Thursday night. Then mom came to town on Friday. We, of course, went scrapbook shopping on Saturday! April found out about this new store and it was awesome! I only spent $10! We're on a budget so I'm feeling pretty good for not over spending! Then we went to church on Saturday night. It was the opening of the new building so they had 4 services! I love having church on Saturday night! I hope they will consider that more often. So we got up Sunday morning and took the boys to get a pumpkin.

Ok...seriously, could they be any cuter? I love that Kaden was squatting because I was.

He was so excited about picking out a pumpkin he couldn't decide which one! He ran all over the place. Usually we go to Cedar Hill Farm. But we just stopped by the Farmer's Market in Hernando this time. All we really needed were a few good fall pics for our scrapbooks anyway.

Of course, Brady is always ready to pose for a scrapbook picture! He was all about having his picture made and picking out the biggest pumpkin he could find. This one is not the one!

This guys doesn't understand the importance of smiling for pictures. At least I got a few of him that weren't blurry since he's always running away when you get the camera out!And then lastly...I discovered this cool little bridge that is in part of a new neighborhood. So, we stopped by to try and get a few good fall pics of the boys...and even a good family picture maybe for the Christmas Card!
Gamma never lets us take pictures of her. I was so excited to snap at least one of her with the kids! Kaden kinda looks like her in this picture.This was the best picture of the day! I love it! I cropped it a little so you could see the boys' faces a little better. They look like the best of friends!Finally a family picture that looks good. This may find its way onto the Christmas Card!
I almost forgot!!!! Kaden has a new friend! He discovered Buzz Lightyear in Brady's room the other day. I walked in a saw him just sitting there holdning him and smiling! So, I showed him how to work the buttons and now they are best friends! He hasn't even seen the movie! I guess I'll have to get on that pretty soon!Sorry this was so long! Thanks for sticking with me! I had too many to edit out this time! Have a great week!


April S. said...

I am glad you FINALLY updated the blog! That family picture is so good! It was great talking with you today. don't be a stranger!

Kimberly said...

You've got so many great pics! I love how your boys are trained to pose as you mentioned for a "scrapbook picture."
I'm working on Adalie to do the same for my blog! ha!
What we will do for one simple pretty picture!