Saturday, November 10, 2007


Boy, am I tired! Between myself and Kaden both being sick this week, I'm pretty worn out! Where do I start? As you are well aware, crazy weather means sick for those of us who suffer from allergies! So, this week I successfully lose my voice by Friday. It's really hard to teach talkitive students when you can't be louder then they are! However, I did have a few nice students who tried to teach for me! Funny how when I'm teaching they don't have a problem talking but when it's them at the front of the class, they get so mad when everyone is acting up!
Next, on to Kaden. Well, we all know that he has been sick since he was born. So, last night he woke up coughing and threw up all over the place. Nice! So, we get him cleaned up...aka bath number 2... and put him in the bed with Brady. An hour later, he wakes up coughing again....and yep...throw up! Bath number 3! Tony and I traded off all night who got to sleep holdinghim! Not fun! He was pretty under the weather today and didn't eat much!
Oh....I do have great news...Kaden used the big potty today to "Tee Tee"!!!!!!!! He loves to sit on the big potty but never goes! Tonight he went and we made a huge deal about it! Hopefully he'll do it again tomorrow! I'll keep you posted!!!!