Sunday, December 24, 2006


Can you believe that in the past two days, I have actually wrapped 30 presents. I know! It's crazy. Well, it started a lot like this...I had tried to take my Grandmother shopping for like a week. She wasn't feeling well so I took on the task of shopping for her. Then against her will, I took the presents and wrapped them at my house. She said she could do it...but really? So, once I finished that it was time to pick mom up at the airport. Then we came home last night and I had to wrap hers because you know they don't let you take wrapped packages on the plane. Then, as I was wrapping, she noticed that she forgot to bring Brady's major present...which was a portible DVD player. So he only had one present under the tree from her. Ok...understand this...he's her favorite and she buys him anything he wants. So anyway...she ended up buying him a lot of stuff today when we went shopping so he has like 5 under the tree...and he still gets the DVD player.
I am so excited about Christmas. Tomorrow we will go to church, then to my cousin's house for round one. Then off to my Aunt Judi's house for round two. Then home for Santa. I'm so looking forward to when the boys wake up on Christmas morning. Mom bought us a webcam so PaPa Jim is going to get to watch the boys open up Santa presents! Isn't that awesome?