Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Happy Birthday to Santa Bear! He's our Build A Bear pal from last year! We went with our small group and Brady dressed his bear in a Santa suit. Ok...I'm sure you really didn't care about that!
Here we are just six days from Christmas and the weather has finally decided to get cold! I'm so glad because it was going to be hard to get in the Christmas spirit with it being 70 degrees. I guess that's how the Isbell's must feel in Brazil.
McScreamy spent an hour doing his thing again tonight. Man I can't wait until we go to the ENT. I hope they can determine what's wrong with his ears and then fix it! Please pray for him. I know God made him this way for a reason. I'm just praying that God also will make it to where he's able to feel better too!


April S. said...

Can we get a pic of this Santa Bear u speak of? lol.. Kaden (and ur patience) is in my prayers!