Thursday, December 21, 2006


So you know for the past couple of weeks Kaden has been driving me crazy with all of this screaming. I mean...we've actually been calling "McScreamy." (That's his Gray's Anatomy name) So tonight before I put him in the bath tub...I looked to see if he's getting any more teeth and guess what.......He's getting a top tooth! I'm so excited because I was so afraid that because of his cleft lip it would actually have affected his teeth. It didn't! I'm so happy happy happy! So, I nursed him...gave him some that how you spell it? And guess what...he's alseep! Can you believe it? He's actually asleep! So I'm doing laundry...finishing my sewing for April...and if I feel like it I may start wrapping my grandmother's christmas presents that I got for her tonight. But I probably won't!
I don't have a pic of Kaden's new tooth because He won't let you really see it. But I'll post a pic of the boys just because theyare so darn cute!


April S. said...

Love the latest pic of the boys! It was good seeing you and Brady P. today. Thank you so much for all the sewing you did for me. My sis is going to LOVE the bag!! See you next week maybe! Have a great Christmas and take LOTS of pics of the boys opening presents and stuff so you can post some for us all to see!