Tuesday, November 28, 2006


"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." That's the song I heard on the radio today as I drove through the rain and almost 70 degree weather. Oddly enough I was struggling to get in the holiday mood with the weather like this! The news says it will be getting colder this weekend. Let's hope that's the case! I can't do hot Christmas!
Well, I have officially used up my 3% of mercy for the year. Yesterday we became the proud foster parents of a cute little puppy! Apparently, she was found in a dumpster. The Humane Society doesn't have enough space for all the animals they get so they get families to foster until they can find homes for them. Or...The families adopt. Brady is totally in love with Sadie. Tony is too. It's so funny to see him. He doesn't really seem like a dog person but he is!!!!!
Kaden on the other hand doesn't really care much for her. He really doesn't like it when I hold her. Brady's jealous of Kaden and Kaden is jealous of Sadie. It's a vicious cycle!

Thanksgiving was great and I'm already for Christmas break! And then 6 more months until Tony is out of school!!!!!
Have a great week all!


April S. said...

First I need to say THANK YOU for updating your page again so soon! I love the new pics. The puppy is adorable! Come see me and Tatum whenever you want! I promise I am going to bring her up to the office one day soon!