Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Can you believe it's finally Thanksgiving? Where has this year gone? I'm sitting here enjoying Kaden rolling all over the living room. He's really trying to crawl but he just hasn't gotten the concept. And unlike with Brady...I'm glad that he's a little slower with these things. The other day I sat him in the living room and walked into the won't believe where I found him. By the front door. Apparently he had some where to go and didn't want to tell anyone!
I'm so excited about Thanksgiving. I'm going to tell you about our family traditions. Mom, Jim and PJ come to town every year. This year we're having dinner at my house! I love that!!!!! Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Mom and I go shopping. I found a website that has already posted some of the Black Friday ads and I'm so excited about what's on sale! Then we just hang out the rest of the weekend. I love this time of year because it's the only time my brother gets off of work and can come see us!
I'm posting a pic today of the boys with Santa. Of course Brady was all about getting his pic taken but Kaden looks a little scared!


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April S. said...

I love this new pic of the boys with Santa!! I want to get Tatum's pic made with Santa, but I am not sure where to take her that I won't be in line forever!! Where did you guys go? The boys are growing so fast! We need to get together and all do lunch soon!