Thursday, November 02, 2006


I can't believe it's already November! I'm so ready for Thanksgiving I can't stand it. This has been a very busy week for us. Kaden was sick all weekend. He's starting to feel a little bit better. I'll be glad when he's completely well.
Tuesday, we went Trick or Treating. Brady was Superman and Kaden was Tigger. Of course Brady loved it and had a blast. Kaden just hung out in his cutie costume and smiled at all the people. I'm posting a cute pic of the two of them. Can you believe how big Kaden is getting. He's almost 7 months. I'm so sad that he's growing up so fast!


Lisa Dawn said...

Cute picture!!

April S. said...

They are both growing up SOO fast!! Mckayla was Tigger this year too! I just don't want to believe that Kaden is already almost 7 months, it seems like he was just born yesterday!! You should be ready for another one now? It's a sign from God that "the thing" did not work out right!! See, it all makes sense now!! Tatum is not even 2 weeks old and I am already trying to figure out when the next one should come.(Not anytime real soon, but not too far away either) Also, if you have any tricks to getting Tatum to start sleeping thru the night that I can start trying out, let me know what works. She has her days and nights mixed up so we stayed up til 4:30am this morning WIDE AWAKE!!! eerrr