Thursday, January 12, 2006


As I'm sitting here watching little boy is playing Legos with his daddy. Our neighbor across the street gave Brady several boxes of Legos. Her daughter used to play with them when she was little and now that she's in high school they were just sitting there collecting dust. Since Saturday Brady has been a building machine! I can't believe my little boy is into legos! He keeps saying "someone play with me!" You know when he has a little brother we don't have to play with him anymore. I'm just kidding....I love endless games of CandyLand! I can't get enough of the game I thought would be a great idea for him!
Baby Pillstrom is just 94 days away! I'm counting the days until my due date. When I have an actual scheduled days then I will change the count down! Today I'm suffering from a sore throat and a tummy ache. I can't wait until there is no reason for me to be in any kind of pain!
I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. If it's cute I'll post a picture!