Saturday, January 07, 2006


It's done! Tony has completed the painting here in the house. I'm not going to post any pictures because you'll have to come over to see it! I know that pics won't due it justice. Tony did a great job and I love it. Now we'll have to start on the boys rooms. Isn't that weird to hear! Boys. And soon there will be two! I went to the Doctor today because I thought I was having a bladder infections. Come to find out I'm just pregnant! Obviously I wasn't at my normal Doctor! I went to soneone else in her group. Tomorrow marks my 26th week which means just 13 more weeks. She told me to just mark it all on the calender and be glad I'm not an elephant. Apparently those animals are pregnant for 18 months. Wahoo! At least there's an up side! So I continue the drugs and deal with the pain for a few more weeks. Oh she did check my cervix and it's fine. So at least I know I'm not about to drop this kid off anywhere! I'm posting a pic tonight of mom's new dog. He's so cute. His name is Duece.