Saturday, January 28, 2006


Well...I was right. The kid's head is on the right side of my tummy!
Today we had a 4D would think for as much as it costs the kid would have at least given us a sneak peak! NOTHING! We got to see a hand and his ding ding! He was more than happy to show his boyness...but his face? Nothing! His head is on the right side of my tummy, his back is facing out and he's rolled up tight into a ball. It was so funny and frustrating at the same time. We got a blurred shot of his face and I would swear he was mocking us with a baby laugh! And to think I hoped he would be different than Brady. I know I'm being punished for something. What? Not sure. But two little Brady's in this house...and Tony. I'm being punished!
The picture I'm attaching today is of his head turned to the side with a hand in front of it. You can see his little fingers and his knee sticking up. He was very shy today!