Sunday, May 24, 2009


It has finally happened! Kaden had his first t-ball game! After weeks and weeks of rain, God answered our prayers and held the rain off a few hours so my sweet baby boy could get out there and show off his skills.

He waited patiently all day! Brady had two games that morning. Then, we didn't leave the park so we watched one of the t-ball games while we waited.

It was such an exciting day! Raegan and Kierra came all the way from Batesville to see his first game!

They went in numerical order, Kaden is number 17. When his first bat finally came, coach helped him get in position.

He gets ready and BAM! He hit the ball and started running as fast as he could!

Good thing Daddy was the first base coach! They planned out when he would run to second!

Of course I think the best part about a game is the fans! Here's Raegan cheering her buddy on!

And then it's Kaden's team's turn in the field! Lucky for Kaden and Hayden that Daddy was out there! It seems he was the only one really paying attention to what was going on!

Yeah! It's his second time at the bat! Wow! What a hit! It looks like everything is going to be great!

Apparently, he didnt' like the first base coach's (Daddy) instructions! He ran straight to the back of the field and started crying! I guess a long day at the ball field takes it out of a little guy! Because by the end of the night......

This was the only group picture I could get with my boys and their "best" girls!