Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have blogged more this week than I think I have since I was pregnant with Kaden! I have a ton of pictures to post and some videos....I hope you enjoy and oh...five days left of school! So, here goes...Here's Kaden running the bases at the end of the game. (I know I'm going backwards) I tried to get a pic of Brady but some kid stepped in front of him right when he crossed home! Here's the boys on their favorite ride! Brady, Kaden, Ty, Lane, and Hunter! And Brady, Adam, and Matthew being silly at the game! Now, on to more that happened this past week!
This is Brady's school program! I wasn't able to go,but Tony got video of my favorite song! Brady had been singing this song for months. He sang it so much, that Kaden started to sing it too! I will have to get video to let you compare! Lots of other things have been happening around here too but I don't have pics! For example, last night, Kaden pulled a kitchen chair up to the trash can and decided to "pee" in it! I'm serious! I can't for the life of me figure out what would make a child want to do this! He's so strong willed! Saturday morning, while Tony was in the showe, Kaden climbed up on the kitchen counter and got out some allergy medicine from the cabinet above the sink! I mean seriously! What is wrong with this kid?!? Any suggestions? I just keep telling myself 5 more days and then I'm home with him for 8 weeks. Maybe we'll work on "home training!"


HeathahLee said...

HAHAHAHA! I mean, I'm so sorry he's doing all of that. : )

He's just testing his boundaries. Um...Here's a disturbing thought...It doesn't get better when they're 9. Strong wills are so good when they get "grown", but sure are hard while they're young!

btw, I'd love to have the info on the show in the fall at school!