Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today, Amber and I hosted a Bridal shower for our friend Kim. We are both bride's maids and she asked us to take care of her church shower. It was a rainy/beautiful day. By that, I mean it rained...the sun came rained again...the sun came out! It was one of those days that God loves to use to keep us on our toes. We got to the coffee shop and the owner forgot about us so we got in the door a little late. But it went off like a hit!

This is one of the table toppers Amber and I made. The idea came from Paper Creations magazine. I just loved them and Amber was a big part of making this project happen!

We also made real cupcakes. This was our Friday night project. It was actually really fun making these. Reid kept making us laugh and we were on a sugar high by the time we got done at 11:30pm. They turned out beautiful and I was really impressed with our creation! BTW..."T" stands for Trentham, Kim's new name in a few weeks!

Kim looked beautiful as always. Here she is with Kaden. She is one of his favorite people and of course he would stop long enough to have his pic made with his Kimme.
There were people, presents, and lots of food. And at the end, all the teachers there made themselves to go boxes with the left overs! We were super excited to get to take home the yummy food! All in all, it was a great shower and I'm so glad it's over! My busy month of April is coming to a close. I can't wait for busy May to roll around and then we will be out of school!
Oh...I forgot to mention my boys! Tony was called into work about an hour before the shower. I was really worried because they usually stress me out at these kind of things. They were SUPER! They watched a movie in the conference room of the coffee shop! They only came out to get food, a drink and to potty! I was so proud of them and didn't want to forget to mention that!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


The day has finally arrived! "My Cheesy Cheesy Parpy!" No, not mine, Kaden's! He has been talking about this day for weeks. For his birthday, he wanted to have a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. In true fashion, we celebrated with our friends! Kaden, Hayden, and Ryan (all born within 3 weeks of each other) partied like a Rock Star last night for two whole hours!

They are not in any particular order but here's the birthday boy enjoying his cupcake!

We all know that the ladies love a muscian! Here's Kaden and Ansley playing the drum.

Kaden and his big Bubba! They both had so much fun!

"Hey, Kaden, how old are you?" He's still working on this one!

Best Friends! Kaden, Hayden, Ryan and of course Chuck E.
We had a great time and loved it! Kaden got a cool lunch box filled with 100 tickets, a gold medal that said he was the birthday star, three balloons, and a cool cup. Plus, tons of tokens! It was a really good idea to split it three ways! Cheapest party so far!

Sunday, April 05, 2009


This weekend turned out to be awesome! Friday night...nothing! Wahoo! Saturday, Tony took Kaden to a Redbirds game while Brady and I went to a brthday party. Tony fixed the trampoline and the boys spent about a hour out there last night while I got ready for Adam's going away dinner. We had some friends over and had a great, stress free hangout night. I know I haven't posted any pics in a week or here you are!

The first pic is Tony and me in the kitchen last night before the party.

Here's Kaden after doing some flips on the trampoline. He cracks me up with his crazy hair!

Here we have Brady showing off on the trampoline.

And lastly, Kaden and his daddy at the game!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


It has been a long week and I'm so happy it's comeing to an end! I have been teaching poetry this week and today we started an art project. I will take my camera tomorrow and post some pics of my awesomely creative students!

I wanted to turn you on to a blog I recently heard about.

Prayers for Stellan

My friend, Amber, has been asking me to pray for this family for a few weeks. I finally stopped at her blog tonight and realized the overwhelming need for prayer in this family's life. I will let you read for your self. I hope that you will join me in praying for this family and their sweet little boy with the heart condition!