Friday, April 10, 2009


The day has finally arrived! "My Cheesy Cheesy Parpy!" No, not mine, Kaden's! He has been talking about this day for weeks. For his birthday, he wanted to have a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. In true fashion, we celebrated with our friends! Kaden, Hayden, and Ryan (all born within 3 weeks of each other) partied like a Rock Star last night for two whole hours!

They are not in any particular order but here's the birthday boy enjoying his cupcake!

We all know that the ladies love a muscian! Here's Kaden and Ansley playing the drum.

Kaden and his big Bubba! They both had so much fun!

"Hey, Kaden, how old are you?" He's still working on this one!

Best Friends! Kaden, Hayden, Ryan and of course Chuck E.
We had a great time and loved it! Kaden got a cool lunch box filled with 100 tickets, a gold medal that said he was the birthday star, three balloons, and a cool cup. Plus, tons of tokens! It was a really good idea to split it three ways! Cheapest party so far!