Friday, February 06, 2009


Well, Kaden is on his way to recovery. He's still not eating much and though he's drinking a lot, he hasn't had a wet pullup in about 24 hours. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Now to the funniest story I've heard in forever! My dad called today and said on Monday, my step brother mentioned that he was thinking about breaking up with his girl friend. He wasn't looking forward to this but he felt it was something he needed to do. He's in high school. Well, on Tuesday morning, dad said that my step brother was walking from the kitchen to the bathroom and as he passed my step mom, he said, "I hate Life!" My step mom freaked! She went right to my dad telling him this was a call for help! Something was wrong. What were they going to do? So, dad calmly went to the bathroom where he was getting ready and asked if everything was ok. My brother asked why and dad mentioned that he said he hated life. Then my brother said, "LIFE cereal! We've been eating it for three weeks and I hate it! Can we get something else?" OMGosh! I was cracking up! My parents were freaking out and all he wanted was some new cereal! That boy is so funny!