Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We had a super busy weekend around the Pillstrom house. Friday, Brady had a friend from school spend the night. Then Saturday, Kaden and I went to a birthday party...more on that in a minute. And then Saturday night Brady and I had a date. The first pic I'm posting is of us before our date!

My friend Teresa's twins turned one of the 15th. They celebrated their party on Saturday. It was a two peas in a pod party. They are so stinking cute!

I have a ton of pics but I will let their mommy post those.

Brady had his pine box derby at Boy Scouts this weekend. This is a picture of him and his car! He didn't win but he had a great time.

We also played "Apples to Apples" but I didn't get any pictures of that because I was fighting Kaden off while Brady was freaking out because he was touching the cards the whole game! Other than that...we ate a little, slept a little, and went to church!


HeathahLee said...

Our weekend was busy, too! I pretty much collapsed after church Sunday morning. I have a feeling this weekend won't be much calmer! : )

April S. said...

Date night with Brady P. is such a good idea. I bet he enjoyed alone time with you!

Question....where did the twins get their cute outfits made? Can you find out for me?

tpillstrom said...

I will ask her where she got them! They were adorable!