Saturday, June 14, 2008


I know I'm the worst at blogging these days! Well, I haven't really been on the computer much either! I'm taking a three week course for my teaching license and it's keeping me really busy! I thought I'd better put down a quick update on the world of Pillstroms'. Let's see, we're doing pretty good with the potty when one of us actually thinks to make Kaden go! He is so proud of himself and loves the attention he gets with he tee-tee's in the big potty. He actually pooped last week but it hasn't happened again! Right now he's sitting in thel iving room watching TV with a big boy pull up on! We'll see how the rest of the day plays out!
I would love to post some new pics but I don't have any. My camera is broken so it may be a while til I get some online! we put Kaden in his bed, which is still his crib, and he climbed out! I knew the day would come but I wasn't sure when. He acted like it was no big deal! So, tonight we're going to try letting him sleep with Brady in his room. I would love for the boys to share a room because we could make Kaden's room the play room! That would be so nice!
Brady had his last ball game today. We played the Wildcats. This team smears us everytime we play so we weren't excited. We almost forefitted because we were down three players. But to our delight, we won the game! I couldn't believe it! After the game all the parents took the kids to McDonald's for a celebration! Oh, I forgot to add that Tony coached today because both of our coaches were out of town. So, as coach, Tony is 1-0 with a winning season!
I will be finished with my class next Thursday. Then I will be a real teacher. Just kidding I was already a real teacher!
Tony and Brady are going to California on Tuesday so Kaden and I will be living it up for a few days! Maybe I'll have time to post while they're gone!


April S. said...

Thanks for the update. I love hearing all that you guys are up to. Enjoy your summer and call me soon for lunch or something. Congrats on Kaden's potty progress too!