Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am currently sitting in a room of silence and I am loving it! Kaden is passed out on the floor. He was watching Barney and fell asleep. Brady is on his way home from Basketball camp with his friend Garrett. Ok...just kidding...he just got home.
So, I've been enjoying my time off thus far. I set a goal of cleaning a room a day plus getting the laundry done. I have currently cleaning the kitchen, living room, Brady's room and the two bathrooms. All I have left is my room and Kaden's. I hope to have those done by the weekend. It's so nice to sit in a clean room and not have to feel like your overwhelmed with junk everywhere!
We're headed to the zoo tomorrow so I will try to take some pics. I left my camera at the Ray's house on Memorial day so I can't post anything new right now.
Oh, I'm also actually reading a book. I know can you believe it? It's called "Same Kind of Different as Me." It's really good. I would recommend it if you're looking for a good tear jerker! I'm setting a goal to read 4 books this summer. We'll see if that actually happens. But I'm on a quest to broaden my vocabulary and this next to crossword puzzles are the way I plan to do it!