Monday, January 22, 2007

1/22/07's finally happened! Kaden has turned into a daddy's boy! Yesterday, Tony was able to go to church with us and Kaden only wanted his Daddy to hold him! Then when I got home from work tonight...Tony looked like every other mom! Baby on hip...cutting chicken for dinner! Welcome to my world! I walked in and He said..."Here! I'm hungry and want to eat!" So, I held him and fixed my dinner and ate! Three things only a mom can do!
I'm actually on the computer because McScreamy is sleeping in his daddy's lap! What a relief!
Anyway...the screaming hasn't stopped! As a matter of fact...if you take him into his room when the light's off...he starts! He only wants to sleep with me. Tony realized tonight that he's the only one in the house without a bed of his own! I guess he can have Kaden's since he's not using it!!!!
I'm about ready to tough love him! It's time to get him back in his bed...that is if I could get him well. His ears are's just this aweful cough he's had for more than a week! I'm debating on taking him back to the doctor! I know they think I'm crazy for always bringing him. But no one like to hear a baby cough all the time! It's so sad!
I need to upload my camera so you can see some new pics of the boys. I guess I'll do that later!
Have a great night!


April S. said...

Hey Girl! Glad to hear you are getting a LITTLE time to yourself since Kaden is wanting his Daddy more. Tatum is only wanting me these days, but she has a little cold right now, so I think that may be part of it. Anyway, get that boy well and take over your bed so we can have another little one running around soon!!LOL