Friday, April 01, 2011

Lynleigh Ren

Now that the newness is wearing off...I thought I should blog about our referral! I'm not ready to post her pic online yet, but I can tell you all about our little girl!

Last Tuesday, we finally got the call that we had been matched with our sweet baby girl! She was born in September 2009 so she is a year and a half. She has a cleft lip and palate. Her lip has been repaired but not her palate. I was beside myself when I got the call.

I had waited by the phone all day hoping they would call us. Finally, when I had given up hope of being called and plugged my phone into the speakers to play music for my class...the phone rang! Marsha from Holt sounded so excited to tell me that they had matched us with a sweet little girl. She is described as a little girl who loves music and everyone loves her! Of course, I wanted more info so I immediately called Tony and we both waited by the computer for the email. When the email finally came, I called Tony on speaker phone so that we could open it together. My students were sitting by impatiently waiting to see her too! As soo as I opened the email, I started crying! My students were so excited they insisted I put her picture on the smart board! I was freaking out and had to call all of my teacher friends to come to my room. She is beautiful!

So, of course we accepted her! (like we wouldn't!) And sent in our letter of intent. Today we are waiting on our Letter of Acceptance to come back from China. It's only been a week and a half but it seems like forever!
We have requested more information on her palate and whether or not she has any ear infections related to it!

Until then, I'm starting the transition of moving the boys into the same room and will soon be preparing our baby girl's bedroom!

Please pray for us! We still need funds for plane tickets and travel. We also need prayer for our sweet baby while she prepares for our arrival.