Saturday, April 02, 2011


I'm so sad today! My little buddy took his first trip to Disney World without his mommy!
My mom decided she wanted to go to Disney with a friend of hers and invited Kaden to go with her. Well, of course we didn't tell him until this week and it has been the most anticipated thing since getting Lynleigh's picture!
Mom called him on FaceTime Wednesday night to tell him they were going and his response was priceless! I know you've seen the commercials where the kids find out and they are screaming and acting crazy! Well, our moment was nothing like that! As soon as she said, "Kaden, do you want to go to Disney World for your birthday?" His response was, "Nah...I want to wait until my little sister gets here!" Do you love him our what? Anyway, as the week finished up, his excitement grew! Today, I walked him to the gate at the airport to meet my mom and almost lost it about 20 times! I can't believe I put my baby on a plane to meet Mickey Mouse and I'm not even going!
As soon as I get some pics of this awesome trip...I will post!