Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well, it's Sunday night and I'm actually sitting at home! Usually we have small group but they changed the time and now we'll start getting home around 6:30. I'm pretty excited about that because it won't have to be such a big deal getting the kids ready for bed and getting up early the next day.

Tony just got called into work. That stinks because I will have work out alone. And yes, I will be working out tonight. At least after I get Kaden into the bed!!!!!

I went scrapbooking last night so instead of just pictures I thought I'd post my layouts for you to enjoy!

Here's Brady on the first day of school. I love this paper. All I had to do was matte the pic and put it on the page.
Here, Brady and I are just being silly and making funny faces. I thought the monkey paper was so cute especially with us goofing off like we were.Kaden's First birthday. He was super cute that day. He was all about eating the cupcake. I just couldn't resist this sweet sticky face.

Sweet baby at his party. I love this layout. I've been dying to use this big "K" forever. I love the swim trunk paper and I love his innocent face!This is my "SON" shine. I'm not done with the layout yet. I have to put the words on it. Mom is going to make them on her diecut machine.

I had the best time with my girlfriends last night. It's so relaxing to just sit with the girls and scrap!