Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, I think this one speaks for itself! This weekend we took a trip to the mall to check Old St. Nick out at his second job! How else am I supposed to explain how he's at the Enchanted Forrest and the mall on the same day? Hello? He works one in the morning and the other in the afternoon! How else could he pay for all those elves?, here we are. About 45 minutes of super fun waiting in line. And as you can see, Kaden couldn't wait to talk to his new friend! I couldn't resist this picture. Nothing says happy holidays like a screaming kid. I'm so going to use this for my late Christmas cards.


April S. said...

This picture is HILARIOUS and PRICELESS!!! I LOVE it!!! That looks like the same Santa that Tatum went to see. Did you guys go to the Oak Court Mall? We need to do lunch while you are out on break, call me!

lori said...

Love the picture! Jack has both of his hands over his face so Santa can't see him in ours. And, to top it off I'm in the picture too...that's the only say we could get one. Funny!