Saturday, September 08, 2007


The fair has come to town! Well, the Delta Fair! It's a lot smaller than the Mid-South fair and a lot safer! Anyway, last Sunday after church the four of us and the Taylor's headed to Germantown for the fair! This is the first time we've taken the kids to the fair since we moved here five years ago! Tons of reasons...but mostly because Tony always was working. So, this year Brady is almost tall enough to ride everything. So he and Hannah had a blast riding most of the rides! As much as I love riding was nice to have someone else ride with him! Not to mention, I was completely shocked that Brady rode some of these things with out me or Tony! Brady and Hannah on the race cars. This was the first thing they rode and it went really fast! He loved it.
The Fun House. Apparently, it was so fun that Brady had to go through it about five times! He had a wrist band to it was unlimited fun for the kids.
The swings. I have to say I'm really shocked that he didn't have a stroke on this one! He was so brave and he loved it!
Kaden didn't enjoy the fair as much as everyone else. He's too small for the rides and we made him ride in the stroller most of the night! Plus it was a million degrees outside so he was just miserable.

This is the most awesome picture of the day! What are the odds that I would get the sun and the FarrisWheel in just the right light!

Girls are GROSS!!!!!!!! He was tired of me taking his picture and he didn't want Hannah hugging him like that!
Soccer season has officially started at the Pillstrom house! This year Brady is on the Bulldogs. He has two coaches...Daddy and Coach Adam. And his best friend from preschool is on his team again! He was so happy to see Jared today. They go to different schools now so Brady misses seeing him. If you will remember from last year, Brady is a defensive machine! And this year is no different! He breaks away from the group in order to keep his goal safe! He loves playing soccer.
And a soccer game wouldn't be complete without little brother! Kaden lasted all of about 30 minutes of the game before he was drenched with sweat and tired. So, he and I left to get snacks and he fell asleep in the car!