Tuesday, July 03, 2007


We've had a pretty busy couple of weeks. As you already know I lost my job a few weeks ago. Well, since then the boys and I have been living it up! Let's see...we've been swimming, tubbing at the lake, traveling, you name it! I have been enjoying my time off. This week I should hear about my test scores and about the job at Lewisburg and also I have another company interested in me for a sales job. I'm pretty excited about them both. I'll keep you posted about that. Now to the pictures....... Brady waiting at the airport for Kierra to return from Brasil.
Brady and Kierra. He was shy and she was really tired.
Brady at the lake. He went tubbing with daddy.
Kaden's 1st trip to the lake! He liked driving the boat best.
Kaden at the water park in Collierville.