Tuesday, September 05, 2006


He just keeps getting more and more beautiful! Can you believe it's been only three weeks since Kaden's surgery and he's already looking like nothing was ever wrong. He got the stitches out last Thursday and we were so happy. He had to wear these sad arm braces to keep his hands out of his mouth. He was so happy when they took them off. I saved them. I will show them to him when he's an adult! I'm attaching a picture of him sleeping the other day. Look closly...you'll see a small scar and that's it! I actually talked to a lady tonight who didn't even know he had the scar! Man...doctors are awesome!


April S. said...

He looks sooo cute! I can't believe that he is growing so fast! Keep posting pics so Tatum Alivia can see! I also wanted to tell you I started my blog page finally. Check it out when you get time!

Jennifer C said...

You have a beautiful son...(he was beautiful before, too, though!!)Those pictures are just amazing. I am glad his braces are off and the stitches are out and he's done with all that!!! Congrats!

(I'm Kim's sister-in-law)