Sunday, May 28, 2006


Kaden is growing up so fast. He's six weeks old and already looking like a real baby. This past week we traveled to Texas and Arkansas to visit with all of the grand parents. It was awesome! We haven't taken a road trip like that since the kids were born and they did great! Especially the little one. He slept the whole way.
We went to Sea World one day and camped at the beach. Brady caught 2 fish and PawPaw Jim caught none! Kaden loved the beach and slept the whole time. Wait...there's starting to be a pattern! He's actually sleeping right now but I'm sure when I pick him up to go to bed he'll wake up and want to eat. That's his favorite thing in the world. Eating and sleeping.
I'm posting a new pic. He's so cute! He loves being in the bath tub. He actually cries when you take him out. He loves to kick the water and he just coos and smiles.